Youth Lacrosse in Philadelphia

By: Michael Noone

Growing up in Philadelphia, I started playing lacrosse in the 3rd grade and began watching high school games a few years later. It was quickly apparent to me that Philadelphia lacrosse was not top-tier, but rather the best players in the country were from Maryland and Long Island. I couldn’t really understand why Philadelphia lacrosse was so far behind other geographic areas that were so close in location. While trying to see what accounted for this, I quickly realized it was the quality of the youth programs rather than the genetic talent for lacrosse in these areas. Youth lacrosse programs in Long Island and Maryland had great structure; they were led by talented coaches and players and started at a very young age. In contrast, Philadelphia lacrosse lacked severely in these aspects and did not have the same commitment to lacrosse.

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Lacrosse: The Family Sport

By: Sammie Lazar

When I read the Wall Street Journal article about the Powell family detailing their collective rise to superstar status, I was struck with a thought: lacrosse is the ultimate family sport. Their father sold his gun to pay for their first sticks and they used his fishing net as a goalie stick when they were young. The three Powell brothers foster within each other an incredible bond that drives them to become exceptional lacrosse players.

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With an Injury Comes Opportunity

By: Baxter Lanius

In the fall semester of my senior year in high school, I decided to take a post-graduate (PG) year instead of going to college. Not because I had bad grades and not because I did not have any offers to play Division-1 lacrosse. Actually, I had good grades, and several offers to play in college. One of the main reasons was that I developed as a lacrosse player later in high school.

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Holding Back

By: Max Van Bourgondien

Growing up I possessed a passionate love for ice hockey, and my father really stopped at nothing to make sure that I was able to travel around the country and fulfill my excitement for the game. Unfortunately, New York City is not known for its ability to produce well-rounded hockey players.

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