About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to give your children the best opportunity to learn, play, and love the game of lacrosse. Our coaching staff is comprised of counselors from the top collegiate and high school programs. We selected the best collegiate and high school scholar-athletes who reflect the integrity and mission of the camps in their everyday lives on and off the field. At NYC Lacrosse Camps, we pride ourselves on not only helping children learn and obtain a love for the game of lacrosse, but also helping teach and instill the morals and ideals we live by as a coaching staff. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with you and your children and grow the game of lacrosse in NYC.


Stuyvie Coleman, Managing Partner:

I am currently a face-off specialist and midfielder at the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut. I am also a middle linebacker and center for the Varsity Football Team and a defenseman on the Junior Varsity Hockey Team. Prior to Taft, I attended the Buckley School where I fostered a love for lacrosse and obtained the leadership skills and integrity that shape the man I am today. I began playing lacrosse as a 3rd grader with Doc’s Lacrosse and proceeded to play lacrosse for both Doc’s and Buckley through 9th grade. Through these two programs, I built the groundwork to exceed as a lacrosse player at the High School level; however, it was NYC Lacrosse Camps that built my love for the game.

Personal Experience at NYC Lacrosse Camps

I remember as a 6th grader, I hopped off the bus from NYC Lacrosse Camps on 72nd street where I met my mom to walk home, and I couldn’t stop talking about how NYC Lacrosse Camps was the best camp I had ever been to. It was not the coaches or the nice equipment (although NYC Lacrosse Camps does have better coaches and nicer equipment), I was talking to her about how awesome Baxter was and that I wanted to play lacrosse at Lehigh, like him. What I have come to realize, is that Baxter was someone that I wished to emulate because of the respect I had for him. He is someone that I immediately recognized as a role model. Since then, I have maintained a strong relationship and call him a good friend.

It is that connection I developed on those humid summer mornings that have paved my way to become a Director of NYC Lacrosse Camps and continue Baxter and Amir’s legacy as leaders and role-models for all campers. The respect and leadership is the impression NYC Lacrosse Camps left on its campers and remains at the core of our mission as a program.


Amir Sharif-Emami, Co-Founder:

I am a gradutate of St. David’s, Lawrenceville and Trinity College. I started playing lacrosse in 7th grade and have played defense throughout my career with the exception of my senior year at Lawrenceville, where I played attack. St. David’s provided me with the strong foundations and values while Lawrenceville provided me with the perfect balance of freedom and structure that has allowed me to develop into the person I am today. At Trinity, I majored in Economics and minored in Formal Organizations and founded the two largest student organizations of their kind on campus; the club lacrosse program and the MD Fox Mentoring program. I founded and ran the club lacrosse program that grew to include over 40 members and held a 10 game season. Since Trinity’s campus isn’t in the best area of Hartford, I saw an opportunity to help those in need and founded the M.D. Fox Elementary School Mentoring Program, which pairs Trinity students with middle schoolers in need of a role model. These two experiences coupled with the great friendship I had with Baxter helped me be a part of founding the lacrosse camps.Throughout my life, I have always appreciated the importance of being grateful for the opportunities given to me and giving back to communities and people who have helped me become who I am.


Baxter Lanius, Co-Founder:

Competitive sports have taught me tremendous lessons on the field that I apply everyday off the field, which is why Amir and I founded NYC Lacrosse Camps in 2010 and have further built the program. Today, I work for credit-focused private equity fund, having recently left Moelis & Company, a boutique investment bank.